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General :
1. Who operates fujiyama-trading.co.jp?
2. Is fujiyama-trading.co.jp trustworthy?
3. Why do people choose fujiyama-trading.co.jp?
4. What are the office hours of fujiyama-trading.co.jp?
About the Vehicle's Condition
1. How can I confirm the vehicle's condition?
2. What if I was unhappy with the vehicle's condition?
About Total Cost
1. What is FOB?
2. What is the total cost required to own a car?
3. How much is the shipping cost?
4. What does warranty cover?
5. How do I receive a proforma invoice?
6. Can you give the discount?
7. When should I pay?
8. What if the car was sold to another client after I paid?
9. When should I pay Shipping cost?
9. When should I pay Shipping cost?
10. What is the payment method?
11. What are your bank account details?
12. Can I pay by credit card?
13. Do you accept my local currency?
About Import Procedures
1. Which documents do I need to receive my car?
1. I have problem with accessing the internet.
2. Can I order by FAX or phone?
3. Can I order spare parts?
4. I am not living in my country at the moment, which address do I indicate?
5. Do you have any representatives outside of Japan?
6. Why do Japanese people trade their vehicles in so early?
7. Why is mileage(KM) so low?